Hi, I'm Ankit Kumar!

I am from Bihar, India. I am very curious person, and my curiosity drove me to establish an IT-based startup in India.
Please visit https://asaan.xyz if you want to know more about my startup.

My background blends running a startup, designing and developing UI/UX, maintaining a few open-source projects and mentoring junior react developers. I have spent half of my life coding, and I don't think I want to stop anytime soon.

I love to break and build things (I am an engineer!).

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My Projects


clean-jsdoc-theme is a beautifully crafted theme for JSDoc 3. It is a clean and fully responsive theme with loads of customisation features.

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A component library for React. I have worked on this project from scratch.

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Anu is a framework to test and benchmark ML models for predicting protein-protein interactions. It automates data retrieval, feature engineering and model evaluation process.

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InterMine's Website

I have designed and developed InterMine's website. Technologies used: Hugo, SCSS, JS, Figma (To design).

View InterMine's website

Dashboard Using Vue.js

It is a simple dashboard which I had created using Vue.

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Leopard is a terminal based spreadsheet written in C++. This project gave me an idea of how GUI were developed.

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